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Hospital Cleaning

Often hospitals are feared due to their unhygienic facilities. At KAD we changed that! Our Hospital Cleaning service create and excellent clinical environment conducive for recovery. Our Hospital Cleaning service speaks for itself! Where we offer this service, hospitals have year after year scored high in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. Each of our staff deployed at a hospital facility is experienced and has been taught how to correctly clean different areas in a hospital. All staff are immunized and insured. We use the best and most effective cleaning products that can surely get rid of different bacteria and disease causing organisms. Our color-coded cleaning tools prevent the spread of bacteria. We 100% adhere to the policies and procedures implemented by your hospital

Residential Home Cleaning

Our Residential Home Cleaning creates the cleanest dwelling place you deserve. From garbage collection, compound maintenance, scrubbing etc. Please contact us for a quotation.

Other service: factory roof decks, factory walls, machinery, vacuuming overheads, unusual industrial cleaning jobs.

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